• question click then YooHoo.mp30:14

  • Female HUM just after K2 hit.mp30:16

  • K2 clicking to question.mp30:19

  • UM HUM response to Keith with K2 hit Saint Marys.mp30:16

  • YA for gena.mp30:22

  • Voice whisper I KNOW .mp30:04

  • strange Giggle sound.mp30:03

  • boy says I Do What I Want.mp30:11

  • male says You JUST STAND Up to Him0:04

  • i'm right here - Caprice walk-through - behind staircase Virginia City Nv.mp30:03

Absolute Paranormal Investigation Sacramento Portfolio

Here you will find past APIS online portfolio that will allow you to view some of our work.

Absolute Paranormal Investigations Sacramento

Paranormal Team California

  • male Tell Them All Im Sorry Virginia City NV.mp30:15

  • male whispers Your with Me Pray Hey Say Something to Keith.mp30:09

Burney, Ca.

  • Katie open door closes then three knocks.mp30:15

  • child voice Hum DUP DUP.mp30:06

Gold Rush 158 year old building in

Nevada City California 

  • Male YEAH response.mp30:33

  • KICK ME OUT NO WHERE TO GO basement Burney.mp30:07

  • male Theres Your Locket evp session with Lisa.mp30:04