• Katie open door closes then three knocks.mp30:15

  • Male YEAH response.mp30:33

  • child voice Hum DUP DUP.mp30:06

  • male whispers Your with Me Pray Hey Say Something to Keith.mp30:09

  • male Tell Them All Im Sorry Virginia City NV.mp30:15

  • Female HUM just after K2 hit.mp30:16

  • K2 clicking to question.mp30:19

  • UM HUM response to Keith with K2 hit Saint Marys.mp30:16

  • YA for gena.mp30:22

  • Voice whisper I KNOW .mp30:04

  • strange Giggle sound.mp30:03

  • boy says I Do What I Want.mp30:11

  • male says You JUST STAND Up to Him0:04

  • i'm right here - Caprice walk-through - behind staircase Virginia City Nv.mp30:03

Absolute Paranormal Investigation Sacramento Portfolio

Here you will find past APIS online portfolio that will allow you to view some of our work.

Gold Rush 158 year old building in

Nevada City California 

  • male Theres Your Locket evp session with Lisa.mp30:04

Burney, Ca.

  • question click then YooHoo.mp30:14

Absolute Paranormal Investigations Sacramento

Paranormal Team California

  • KICK ME OUT NO WHERE TO GO basement Burney.mp30:07